We are firm believers that no two weddings are exactly alike. While most events usually follow the same general process, the desired outcomes and experiences are very different depending upon a number of factors. What you will find below is an overview of the services we provide where we strive to personalize the planning, design, and execution of each event for every couple we work with. Because of this process your investment is tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Once we take some time to go over your details in an in-person meeting or phone consultation, you will be provided with a custom proposal within 48 hours that is specific to your event. Feel free to reach out for a more detailed break-down of what is offered in these services, their beginning investments, or to schedule a meeting!


This service, often referred to as “day of coordinating,” is for the couple who has planned their big day but wants the reassurance of working with an experienced coordinator in those final months to ensure everything comes together cohesively.  Coordination begins 60 days out from your wedding and ends once you’ve been whisked off in your getaway car and all break-down of your decor is complete. If you want to ensure you enjoy every moment of your big day then read more about our coordination service here.


This is for the couple who does not have an unlimited amount of time to plan their big day, or perhaps wants the added confidence of working with a professional and creative team to help them stay on track, answer questions, and ensure their vision come to life. We understand that your time is valuable and planning a wedding is no small task, which is why we are able to come along at any point in the planning process to help you craft an unforgettable event. To learn more about working with us and our planning and design services click here.  


The overall design of a wedding is often rooted in the colors, textures, and natural beauty that flowers provide - which is why they play such a large role in most events. We started offering floral services out of a love for the process of arranging and designing with these colors and textures and seeing how flowers can truly transform a space. We also identified a need for more cohesivity between the logistical side of events and the design side and wanted to provide these services all under one roof for our clients. We work very closely with our couples to help them plan every detail of their event, getting to know one another very well throughout the process. The natural trust that is built during this process and our deep understanding of a couple’s vision is what allows us to manage multiples aspects of their wedding.