I love wedding websites because they are a great tool for communicating to your guests prior to your big day. Not only is it a perfect platform to show off some of your favorite engagement photos, but when constructed correctly it should let guests know exactly what to expect for your wedding as well! 


Before diving in to what pages I suggest you include (and don't include) on your wedding website, I want to give you some general tips to keep in mind before making your own:

Try to have your website created prior to sending out Save the Dates and include the URL on your Save the Dates.

I suggest paying the additional fee (typically $20.00) to have a custom URL that is much shorter than what websites automatically generate for you. It makes it shorter for print and easier for guests to remember. 

Keep it simple. There's nothing wrong with including extra information about your engagement story or introducing each wedding party member, but don't write a novel. Most guests will happily look through it but are mainly there to find important information.

Try to stick with your overall color palette/theme/look of your wedding so your website compliments everything else to come. This will also help reinforce the style and attire for guests.

If you have a hashtag you want guests to use at your wedding it can be fun to include that somewhere on your website.


Home: This is the best place to include your favorite engagement photo(s), date & location, and maybe a quick paragraph about your story/engagement. 

Events or Schedule: A page dedicated to the events ALL guests are invited to, from welcome parties to day-after brunches (if certain guests are only invited to a specific event then don't have that event listed on your website). If your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are at different locations then notate that here.

Travel & Accommodations: Use this page to make it as easy as possible for your out-of-town guests. List your hotel room blocks, Airbnb options, nearby airports, etc. 

Details: Treat this page like an FAQ section. Give information on parking at the venue(s), indicate the transportation schedule if you are providing that for guests, emphasize the desired attire/dress code, reinforce an adult-only wedding, let them know of anything out of the ordinary they should be prepared for, etc. 

Registry: Include this on your website as guests will want to know where they can purchase you a gift, but do not include your registry information directly on your invitations.


Photos: If you want to include an entire page for engagement photos I suggest picking your top 5-10 favorites to highlight. 

Wedding Party: If you feel compelled to write about each wedding party member be sure to include a photo of them next to their introduction.

Things To Do: This is extremely helpful if you have a large number of guests coming in from out-of-town and are unfamiliar with the area. 

RSVP: If you are swapping traditional paper RSVP cards for the online route.

I hope these tips are useful for you when constructing a website for your own wedding. If you're in the process of researching which platform to use to create yours, some of my favorites to suggest are Minted, Zola, Squarespace, and Joy

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