I’m continuing on with more topics geared specifically towards all the grooms and groomsmen out there. Today’s post is with Felicia of Celebrity Tux and Tails, an amazing menswear store based here in Arizona. Celebrity Tux and Tails is known for providing excellent customer service and offers a wonderful range of menswear styles. While they don’t just focus on wedding suits and tuxedos, I’m excited to share my interview with Felicia where we dive into their wedding rental process!


Tells us a little about Celebrity Tux and Tails. How long you have been in business? Why menswear? etc.

Celebrity Tux and Tails is a family business that specializes in suits and tuxedos for men and women.  After decades in the menswear industry, the owner recognized that the service component was severely lacking, and he wanted to put the personal touch back into the menswear industry.  We started as a full-service concierge business in 2013. We offer in-home consultations and group fittings where we come to you to plan the styles and measure the guys. Then, a specialist delivers the tuxes or suits the week of the wedding for the final fitting.  Over the years, we've opened stores in Peoria and (soon) in Tempe, but we still focus on a great customer experience where people can pick up in-stores. We still LOVE doing the deliveries though, so we offer a limited number of delivery events every weekend as well.  You can rent, purchase, get custom-made or any combination of the three.

I often hear from my couples that they want to go with an online option or a larger chain menswear store to make it easier on their wedding party who aren't local. Can you tell me how you ease your client's (or potential client's) concerns when their groomsmen don't all live in Phoenix?

Personally, I believe that we are the BEST option when it comes to wedding parties that aren't local.  We have a national network of 5,000 stores that out-of-town guys can use to get measured at in their local area.  They email us the measurements and it's ready when they get to town. If you have out of town guests, our premium delivery service makes life incredibly easy for all the guys (especially those travelling) because they don't have to travel with the outfits or find a local store when they arrive.  We bring everything to the wedding party, do any alterations to make the fit perfect, and pickup after the event. PLUS, if your couples are dead set on doing everything online, we have that option too! Plus, if there are any issues with the pieces you do yourself online, you have a real person here to fix it for you.  However, we've learned that if you utilize our delivery services, it is WAY MORE convenient than online or big-box stores.

From inquiry to wedding day what does your process typically look like?

First, we work with the couple to design the look for each member of the wedding party.   We bring samples of jackets and color swatches to match the guys accessories to the bridesmaid dresses.  We even have an app that we can use to show what the outfits will look like all put together. Next, we measure the guys about a month before the wedding.  If we are purchasing a suit or doing a custom made tux, that timeline may be slightly earlier but we don't want to measure too soon. Pickup or delivery of any rental suits is done 1-2 days prior to the big day.  Rentals are typically due back the following day. If arranged beforehand, we can coordinate for them to be picked up from a single location.

When it comes to groom and groomsmen attire what style choices do you see most? Any particular styles you wish couples would be more bold with?

While we love the bold choices that you see in stylized shoots and the wedding magazines, black is definitely the most popular style in wedding suits and tuxedos.  Many people are afraid of the classic looks because they think they look like waiters or too old-school. However, you really can't go wrong with a well-fitted black tuxedo.  They definitely stand the test of time when it comes to wedding photos! So don't be afraid of going classic just because it isn't the "trendiest" look today. However, if you really want a bold blue or maroon suit, we definitely have those too!

I always love a well styled group of guys! One of my suggestions for couples who want to punch things up a bit is to check out The Tie Bar or Knotty Tie Co. for fun tie and bow tie options. Any other suggestions or resources to personalize the groom and groomsmen?

There are so many great ways to personalize the looks for the guys.  Our packages typically include everything the guys will need except socks.  A groomsmen gift of matching socks is the easiest and cheapest way to personalize the outfit!  Beyond that, we've had grooms use monogrammed suspenders or cufflinks as well as ties and tie bars to keep.   For a really personalized look, we can do custom shirts for the groomsmen (or dads) as well. There's a lot of different ways to differentiate the guys.  

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Cover Photo by: Tasha Brady Photography