Pinterest is one of those love/hate relationships in the wedding world. On one hand you don’t want to reproduce every image you see out there, but on the other it is a great starting point for gathering inspiration and ideas. When I was engaged I absolutely loved Pinterest (and my now-husband hated it) and was constantly wondering how people planned their weddings without it. I am sure there are plenty of brides out there who feel the same way and find themselves using the platform to define their wedding vision. If that happens to be you, and you’ve discussed your priorities with your fiance first and thought through your wedding budget, then read some of my tips below on how to get started using Pinterest to help define the look and feel for your event.

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Either start pinning images you love or start looking through what you already have pinned. If you’ve been gathering images for years and just recently got engaged then you may find your tastes have changed and developed. This may be a good time to go through your boards and delete images that no longer speak to you and begin gathering ones that do.


Aside from pinning images directly from Pinterest take some time to go through your favorite wedding blogs and pin from there. Or better yet, go to those blogs’ Pinterest accounts and start following their boards. Some of my favorites are Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Southern Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, and 100 Layer Cake.


Set aside some time to go through your pins and look for similarities and themes. The more cohesive they are the better. You may find that you’re attracted to specific colors, textures, outdoor settings over indoor, dress silhouettes, etc. These commonalities can start to form the overall look and feel for your event, and knowing what you’re drawn to will help you communicate with your vendors or potential vendors.

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It’s important to not become fixated on one particular image, pose, flower, bouquet, dress, etc. in your Pinterest boards. You want to figure out what it is you are drawn to overall and use that as inspiration to craft your wedding day, not copy it. If you can see your inspiration images as the “big picture” and trust your vendors to bring that to life you will be amazed at what is created.  


This is a hard one! But at some point you need to stop looking at Pinterest or else you’ll start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of ideas that are out there. When you’ve honed-in on your vision and are confident in the direction your design is going in, just. say. no.  

Personally, I believe in finding inspiration in other areas of life as well, whether that’s a book, being outdoors, or simply letting ideas come to you naturally. But you can’t deny Pinterest is a valuable platform! You can see how I use it to visually organize all the pretty things I come across on a daily basis!

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