It's been a hot minute since I last blogged and figured I better add some love to this space so you know I am still here! I've had a couple of brides say, "Yes!" to the dress recently and thought some wedding planning tips on dress shopping could be a great topic. As a little something extra for my local readers, I am including a list of a few of my favorite wedding dress boutiques in Phoenix at the very end! 

Why rush? Unless you are in a serious time crunch to find your dress, I highly recommend taking your time shopping and limit the amount of places you go in one day. I suggest choosing two boutiques max to visit in one day and take your time enjoying the process in order to avoid becoming seriously overwhelmed. This is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, so why not spread it out over a few weekends?! (Side note - Call ahead to see if places you're visiting allow you to bring along some champagne. Cheers!)

Things to bring besides your besties. It's a good idea to bring the correct type of undergarments (such as a strapless bra), shoes in a height you are comfortable with, and any jewelry or accessories you know you will wear on wedding day. A lot of times you will select your jewelry and accessories after you have found your dress, but if you're committed to incorporating your grandmother's pearls in your attire you may as well wear them while you try on potential dresses.  I also suggest styling your hair how you think you may want to wear it on your wedding day to see how it compliments the dresses (no need to go get a blow out, just play with it the best you can). 

Alterations. Unfortunately, the tag does not reflect the final price you will pay as most dresses require some form of alterations in order to fit perfectly (and perfectly it should!). Ask your consultant to give you an estimate for alterations, including any big changes you are thinking about making to the dress. The beauty of alterations is that almost anything can be done to a gown, but it of course comes at a price. Be sure to factor that in to your budget for attire, along with shoes and accessories.

Some of my favorite Phoenix wedding dress boutiques. This is not an exhaustive list of every dress shop in the greater Phoenix area - we have so many amazing resources here! I am only mentioning some of those that I've personally had a great experience at or recent clients have raved about.

In Scottsdale there is Destiny's Bride, which is a chic boutique with a great selection. Scottsdale is also home to Lovely Bride who caterers to more of the creative and fashion forward bride. In my opinion Lovely Bride Phoenix carries some great designers and one of my personal favorites, Sarah Seven. In the East Valley there is Uptown Bridal and Boutique which has recently restructured their consultation process to offer the ultimate client experience. And even though this post is all about the wedding dress, I feel like I have to mention my favorite local boutique for bridesmaid dresses as well - Bella Bridesmaids. You can't go wrong with any of these suggestions. xoxo

Photo: Amy and Jordan Photography