Hello! My name is Jackie and I want to help you put together an awesome event.  Regardless of size or circumstance, there are so many special details that can be incorporated into your day and the thought of helping you bring them all together gets my creative juices flowing. While my business is truly all about you, the happy couple, it may not be a bad idea for you to get to know your potential planner/designer/go-to gal a little bit better. So for my first blog post I wanted to introduce myself in a less than formal way and walk you through my nontraditional journey to becoming an event planner and designer.  Therefore, my timeline…

Early 90s: Great-grandma teaches me how to grow sweet peas and my love of flowers is born. 

Mid 90s: Hosts picnics for stuffed animals in forts and tree house. Solidifies venue-scouting skills.

Late 90s: Borrows Martha Stewart books from Grandma’s house. Life-long love affair with crafting and entertaining ensues.

2001: Watches The Wedding Planner for the first time and the idea of planning events is officially planted in my head.

2002-2006: Plays a lot of sports and plans most prom and winter formal arrangements for my group of friends.

May 2006: Decides to become a class agent for graduating class because the idea of planning reunions sounds like fun. (Still dealing with repercussions of that decision to this day.) 

Fall 2006: Heads to college at the University of Arizona. The “Things I Want to be When I Grow Up” list continues to grow. Decides to focus on making friends instead.

2007: Wonders why Arts & Crafts isn't a degree option. 

2008: Creates banners for sorority’s social events – becomes really good at painting on sheets for said banners. 

2009-2010: Coordinates tons of fun, thematic social outings for friends. 

Fall 2009: Meets future husband while karaoking. 

2010: Wins award for most creative costumes in her sorority.

May 2010: Graduates from college yet still unsure of potential career options.  

January 2011: Decides to go back to school to become an elementary school teacher. Obsession with glitter, books, and organizing classrooms begins.

2011: Discovers Pinterest. Wonders how teachers ever survived without it. 

December 2011: Tells serious boyfriend she doesn’t want to get engaged for another year. Gets engaged one week later. Wedding planning ensues.

Spring 2012: Selects wedding venue location – an isolated field on fiancé’s family farm. Sounds easy enough, right?

2012-2013: Plans and designs entire wedding because, #controlfreak

April 12, 2013: Wedding day. Married. Success.

Summer 2013: Husband’s company wants to relocate us to Texas. Throws giant going-away party.

July 2013: Moves to tiny, rural town and knows no one. Time to make more friends.

Fall 2013: Continues teaching, but dreams of being an entrepreneur slowly start creeping in.

Spring 2014: Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. Idea of being a wedding planner sounds intriguing. 

Fall 2014: Starts researching how to build a small business. 

Spring 2015: Loves Texas, but begins discussing the thought of moving home with husband. 

April 2015: Surprise! Find out we are pregnant. Moving home idea is officially validated. 

May 2015: Last month in the classroom. Next stop, motherhood and becoming a wedding planner/designer.

Summer 2015: Wants to book a booth at the Phoenix Bridal show in January. Mom and husband politely tell me I am crazy with a baby due in late December. I don’t believe them, but decide to wait anyways.

July 2015: Makes the trek back to Arizona.

October 2015: Coordinates first wedding at 6 months pregnant. 

December 12, 2015: Goes into labor two weeks early while getting ready for a friend's wedding. Ironic?

December 13, 2015: Has baby - It’s a boy! 

June 2016: Attends June bridal show instead of January. (Good thing I listened to my mom and husband.)

Present day: Learning to be a work from home mom. Hustle, feed baby, play with baby, pray baby takes long nap, repeat. Hasn't looked back since. 

And there you have it, a somewhat simple version of how I got here. In my next post I am going to take more time to elaborate on my own wedding and what I learned in our 16-month planning period. Stay tuned!