Your wedding website is an essential aspect of communicating to your guests prior to your big day. It is not only a great way to show off some of your favorite engagement photos, but when constructed correctly it should let guests know exactly what to expect for your wedding. Here are some of my top tips for putting together a website that not only looks good for viewers but will be useful to them as well (which is exactly why we spend so much time on these things anyways).  

 Photo from  Minted

Photo from Minted


When you're first engaged there are so many exciting things you want to do right away, but starting your website should not be one of them. Wait until you have key logistical information in place like you your venue, hotel blocks, and gift registries before hitting "publish." 


Your website is the place to elaborate on anything that requires a bit more of an explanation. Aside from the traditional timing, location, accommodations, and registry information, let guests know if there is anything out of the ordinary they should be prepared for, such as if they should consider wearing a certain type of shoe due to the terrain, if there will be transportation provided, if it is an adult-only celebration, etc. They will be grateful that you properly informed them beforehand and show up ready to have a good time. 


There is nothing wrong with writing your love story, introducing your bridal party, or showing off your awesome engagement photos, but do it in a way that is not overwhelming for viewers. Most people will gladly glance through it, but keep in mind why they're there - to look for hotel information and where to buy you a gift. 


If you are looking for a way to spend less on your invitation suite consider utilizing your website to collect RSVPs. You will save by ditching the response card and the postage that goes along with it. Just be sure to include clear instructions on your invitation when the time comes!


While you may not be spending as much time thinking about your website as your wedding dress, it is worth it to put some effort into creating one that looks good. Two of my personal favorite platforms are Zola and Minted for their simple designs that are polished and user friendly. 

I hope you found these tips helpful and, as always, if you need help constructing a wedding website or have questions about the process feel free to reach out! Oddly enough putting together a well-informed website is a task I truly enjoy (I'm a big fan of communication), and something I include in certain services.